Don't be caught at the end of the world without it
The 2012 End of the World Survival Kit

The perfect gift for Judgement Day!
(or any day)

– Apocalyptic hair protector
– Killer bee face mask
– Final gulp of air
– Mayan calendar

and much much more!
(money back if world ends)

Everything you need to survive raptures, locusts, tsunamis, bees and all other forms of apocalypse...

Comes as a delightful doomsday Picnic Box!

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The Picnic Box Survival Kit

Orders yours today: $10.99!

The perfect last gift
(money back if the world ends)

Celebrate the "end" of the world by helping to save the world! One dollar from each kit goes to
An organization that plants millions of trees in poverty stricken, deforested areas of the world.

The creators of this survival kit absolve themselves of all responsibility for any items that may not function in the event of a real catastrophe.